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Title: A Love Story
How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story
By: Samantha Ryan Chandler
ISBN # 978-1-6150-7758-8 (sc)
978-1-6150-7761-8 (dj)
Review Date: June 3, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"A Love Story-How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story" by Samantha Ryan Chandler is an inspiring life memoir and an account of the tribulation known as divorce that forever changed the author's life and the lives of her children. Samantha Ryan Chandler gives a heart-wrenching account of an evil plan perpetrated by her husband to rob her of everything, their homes, money, and stability to include her three precious daughters. The author writes with purpose, giving the reader many life lessons that she learned throughout all her trials. Most importantly, she learned that God can rescue, is might to save and He can RESTORE that which was lost.

God speaks in many ways as the author notes and the supernatural does occur as the author gives accounts of visitations by angels on three different occasions. The book is uplifting, filled with scripture and has a message of encouragement to all who have been stolen from whether it be from divorce or any unfortunate circumstance in life. Her message is so uplifting, so encouraging, that the reader will be amazed and in awe as to how God is intimately involved in each of our lives. Truly, God will carry you through to restoration and redemption!

This book is recommended for anyone that loves a true story with a happy ending! May all the glory and honor be to God-who came and rescued a young, skinny girl from Nowhere, Louisiana and gave her life and life more abundantly! This is a testament to the Love of God and an irresistible love story to those that are lost. Thank you Samantha for writing a book that shared your life story that gives others hope when "hope" has been lost. You are an inspiration.

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A Love Story-How God Pursed Me and Found Me-An Impossibly True Story is available at Amazon in hardcover, paperback or Kindle

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