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Christian novelist John J. Zelenski presents Walker's Vale – possibly coming soon as a new Christian film and endorsed by Susan Wolf, editor of Christian Film Works Magazine, offers a believable thriller with an unexpected end that will keep moviegoers and readers alike fully engaged. 

Offering a journey of faith, love and redemption riddled with deception and horror, the lives of the Cooper family are forever changed as the supernatural collides with the earthly realm.  For James Cooper, this journey is one of self-introspection and discovery in a new found faith in the One who really saves, Jesus Christ.  John J. Zelenski's novel Walker's Vale is a suspense thriller, encapsulating the meaning of building one's house on the "Rock" of Jesus Christ versus sand.  Brilliantly, Zelenski captures and highlights those things that are truly important in life.  Come discover that miracles really do happen, as the secret of Walker's Vale is unveiled.   

James Cooper along with wife, Maria and their young daughter, Liza, escape the hectic city to the country for a more idyllic lifestyle offered in the town of Walker's Vale, Pennsylvania.  Upon entering the quaint town, the family notices some disturbing attributes that James shrugs off as unsuspecting.  As the family moves into their new home, strange happenings begin to occur.  As the happenings intensify, James has to wonder if they have made a terrible mistake moving to this place.  Climaxing into an exciting thriller, with twists and turns of suspense and intrigue, this movie presents real hope, weaving the power of hope through salvation, with a new understanding of faith and trust for the Cooper family in the saving power of Jesus Christ.  A highly recommended and possible movie that is sure to entertain, encourage and inspire. 

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