A challenging and thought provoking read - Beyond Heaven - A New Earth by Joseph Keibler

Find new purpose and renewed faith as you gain a better understanding of God's eternal purpose for His Children in Beyond Heaven – A New Earth!  It's worth living for…

Beyond Heaven-A New Earth by pastor and evangelist, Joseph Keibler, dispels many misconceptions concerning eternal life, Heaven, Hell, the first resurrection and the new Earth that is to come.  This book is an incredible journey presenting an eternal perspective through God's Word of the glorious destiny awaiting believers in Christ.  Not only will one discover that as God's chosen people they have a calling and purpose in the Kingdom of God on Earth, but also beyond Heaven and this Earth.  One will discover that Heaven is not the final destination for believers in Christ. 

Rich with scripture, the author builds a firm foundation from God's Word, presenting to readers a challenging and thought provoking read giving concise details on the aspects of eternal life.  Engaging and informative, the author gives readers an inside look into his own life that led him to this firm stance regarding salvation and eternal life.  These eternal viewpoints and rewards are discussed in depth, giving understanding to believers and enabling one to live a victorious life here on Earth, while looking forward to the eternal destiny in the Kingdom of God. 

The glorious future with God in His Kingdom will ignite a passionate faith, birthing a stirring and awakening in the reader's spirit to look beyond their current circumstances, and propel them to find purpose and new meaning in life by looking ahead to their future in Christ.   

Joseph Keibler had a bona fide, born-again Christian experience in 1967. He has pastored two churches; taught at a Bible college; ministered in Mexico, Europe, India and China; and served as a missionary evangelist to Nigeria, West Africa. He has seen the door of Heaven literally open and God sweep fields of lost souls into His kingdom like a mighty wind, and seen and experienced miracles that few people are privileged to witness. He is now retired and spends time writing and encouraging others to find that narrow gate and straight way of truth.

He is what is described as both a literalist and an apologist. As a literalist, he believes a person should take the Scriptures literally, except where there is evidence that another meaning should be applied, such as an allegory or a parable. He believes in studying Scripture without having a predetermined belief about its meaning, and letting it speak to you, rather than speaking your beliefs into it.

As an apologist, he writes in the defense of the things that are so clear that there can be no misunderstanding of what they mean, not to put forth some new truth. Those things that remain in silhouettes will be unveiled in their proper time, when the Light of Heaven appears and makes them plain. Upon those Scriptures that are clear, he has built and defends a belief in an eternal destiny…Beyond Heaven.  
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