How Does Modern Science Exposes Atheism

Title: How Modern Science Exposes Atheism
By: George Chernish, Ph.D.
ISBN #978-1490950075
Review Date: August 3, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

How Modern Science Exposes Atheism by Ph.D. George Chernish is a remarkable read "confirming the Book of books" – the Bible.  Addressing and, "Exposing Atheism's dogma of deceit about the Bible," the author poignantly writes a well-informed and much researched book derived from years as a scientist and Bible scholar.  The book unveils evidence supported by true science that will in fact bring an overwhelming confirmation that the Bible is truly a book written by God by men inspired of God.  Answering many questions, such as, "Was there really a worldwide flood?  And, "Where is the Garden of Eden located?"  This amazing read keeps the reader engaged throughout, giving firm evidence and offering a well-rounded discussion on the subject of science supporting the Bible. 

This incredible book will take the reader through a list of A to Z in regards to the sciences from Anthropology to Zoology and begins with a preface that is impressive, as it speaks of the Bible as the most published book of all time throughout all of history since the invention of the printing press.  Full of history and scriptures, the author has given a foundation that substantiates the Bible's claims, that infact, God created the Earth, man and everything contained therein. 

This is a fascinating and fast-paced read that will give the average Christian knowledge to cordially address atheistic claims regarding the Bible being a "fairy tale" or "written by a bunch of men."  A highly recommended and informative read that will enlighten even the most critical of skeptics. 

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