A Collection of Memorable Real Life Short Stories - Attributes of a Good Woman

Attributes of a Good Woman by multi-published author, Mz. Modesty, encourages women of all sizes, shapes and skin-colors through a collection of memorable real life short stories of real life Big Beautiful Women that will inspire women to be all that they can be.  No matter what your circumstances are or what you look like, these short, chicken-soup-for-the-soul style stories will enlighten the Big Beautiful Woman to capture what really matters and learn to love themselves despite their appearance.  Exhibiting the incredible patience, trust, love, defiance and acceptance that women desire, this book will delight the reader to look for the best within themselves, realizing that there is beauty beyond the mirror…A highly recommended read for those that desire truth and beauty that is found within each one of us! 

Mz. Modesty has been an author since the age of thirteen.  Her books are unique in that her writing showcases the lives of Big Beautiful Women-showcasing that Big Beautiful Women have attributes that make them even more beautiful than what is shown in mainstream media (television, magazines and books).  She writes about the positive side of life, capturing the essence of many Big Beautiful Women as strong, educated, beautiful, determined, honest, self-motivated, soft, caring, loving and displays even a sexy side to the Big Beautiful Woman.  Come take a journey that will uplift your soul, giving you fresh insights for the years ahead as a strong, beautiful woman that you are. 

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