A Delightful and Entertaining Christian Comic Book Series by Magdi Menassa Malky

Stories of Simon (published with The Lebanese Bible Society) by multi-published author, illustrator and pastor, Magdi Menassa Malky, exhibit the life of Simon Peter, known as Apostle Peter.  These historical fiction comic books engage children between the ages of 8-14.  Yet, whether young of old, the comic series captivates readers with stories of Simon Peter's adventures that reflect his life and ministry as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  True to scripture, the author teaches, inspires and engages young readers to learn about Christian values and ethics through a delightful and entertaining comic book series. 

Volume I: That Was My Name (2013 revised edition) speaks of Peter's transformation from a fisherman to a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Volume II: Simon at the Wedding relates Peter's experience of watching Jesus turn water into wine, proving that Jesus is in fact the Son of God.  Volume III is soon to be released.  Children and adults alike will be uplifted through the insightful story telling of the author relating the courage of Peter as the first disciple to step out…all will be inspired through Peter, the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Beautifully illustrated, all the books are available in English, Arabic and French.  The author is based in Lebanon and is a Lebanese Christian Baptist Preacher serving the Lord Jesus Christ with spreading the Gospel throughout the world. 

To find out more about Pastor Magdi Menassa Malky and his work, please be sure to visit his website at www.storiesofsimon.com.  The entire series is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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