Prayer - Images in Scripture – An Illustrative Approach to Prayer

Title: Images in Scripture – An Illustrative Approach to Prayer
By: Maggi O
Review Date: September 13, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Images in Scripture -  an illustrative approach to prayer by author Maggi Ogunshuyi was created for those that enjoy the visual creative arts.  As an artist, the author has structured the book by themes, allowing for interpretive visual representations to be created by the readers through any visual means that they choose. 

This could be painting, drawing, photography or any other means that speaks to them.  The book is mainly designed for exploration by those people who are visually gifted and stimulated, inviting them to draw closer to the Lord through prayer and visual representation. 

Readers are encouraged to engage by developing their own visual interpretation from scriptures that speak to their heart individually.  This is a wonderful uplifting and encouraging way to draw closer to the Lord in prayer, contemplative art creations, and makes a great gift idea for those that are artistically inclined. 

Maggi Ogunshuyi is an artist that has created a website that designs ebooks, devotionals and teaching materials.  They can also produce cards, gift ideas or artwork for the individual, organization and ministries.  The website is also dedicated to providing digital designs for the Christian contemporary book market.  Maggi O's artwork is bold, creative and depicts different interpretations through scripture.  The website also offers artwork that can be transferred to use on mugs, bags, cards as well as the standard formats, such as canvas. 

For more information about Maggi Ogunshuyi and her book, Images in Scripture – An Illustrative Approach to Prayer, visit Christian Images. You may get your copy of Images in Scripture – An Illustrative Approach to Prayer in Kindle Edition UK and Kindle Edition US. Be sure to see Maggi's Creative Arts video at God Tube.

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