A true-life drama - Life is an Amazing Song - An epic true-life memoir of John Raikkonen

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Life is an Amazing Song - An epic true-life memoir of John Raikkonen caught in war-torn Finland and his journey to America to find a better life. 

For those that love true-life drama, this adventure offers victory over tragedy, humor, passion, history and hope in God Almighty.  Set in war-torn Finland, Raikkonen as a young boy did not understand the atrocities and danger of war.  As a young child, he tells of his escapades through this wartime landscape from the perspective of a young child's innocence.  Touching, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and appalling at times, this book offers humor amidst the emotional dark times of war.  His journey is inspiring and unforgettable – come experience Life is an Amazing Song and be encouraged that God, in His infinite wisdom, has a good plan for your life.   

A movie in the making, this epic journey begins as little John Raikkonen, a young boy at the time, endures bombings in Finland.  His parents, in search of a better life, send him to America.  Traveling abroad to the "land of opportunity", learn first-hand what it was like being an immigrant coming to America on the SS United States.  Experience first-hand immigrant life of times past, as young John lands in New York.  With much hard work, one will come to understand that America was truly the land of opportunity.

Becoming a successful businessman, author John Raikkonen relates his life that exhibits a life well lived – with a little help from above!  An unforgettable and inspiring true-life story of one man that encourages others to live life as a beautiful song.     Endearing and engaging, this book is a page-turner, as the author poignantly shares life's lessons learned and that all that is perfect is a gift from God. 

For more information contact John Raikkonen at Life's Amazing Song. You may get your copy of Life's Amazing Song at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

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